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Who doesn’t like a dose of fun facts?

We certainly do and whenever we find some in our quest for facts and knowledge, we add them to what will become the ultimate list of fun facts on Listerious.

To make things even better, we constantly update this list as well, so make sure to bookmark this page!

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Fun Facts – The Ultimate List

22. This married couple were cheating with each other

It’s a pretty tragic situation, but it’s actually quite funny as well. A couple in Bosnia both thought they had found their soulmate in a chatroom with whom they could discuss their marriage troubles.

Sana and her husband Adnan were finally ready to meet their chatroom lovers named “Sweetie” and “Prince of Joy.”

There wasn’t any joy when they found out that they were actually talking to each other. Divorce papers were filed straight away and both accused each other of cheating.

fun facts

21. Viagra isn’t just useful for men

Viagra is a drug that is useful for a lot of men around the world. Without it, the quality of their life would decrease tremendously.

So what would happen if we add some viagra into a vase that holds some flowers, a scientist wondered one day?

To his surprise, he found out that the flowers with viagra in their vase stood up much straighter and more importantly, stood up straight for a week beyond their natural lifespan!

flowers stand up straight with viagra
Perhaps these are in need of some viagra? / Pixabay

20. Women’s voices sound like music to men’s ears

At least, that’s how the brain of a man interprets the sound of a woman’s voice. In a scientific study conducted on 12 men at the University of Sheffield, it was discovered that the brain activity of the men was similar to the brain activity when they hear music.

When they heard men’s voices, the brain activity was similar to when they heard less amusing sounds such as that of traffic or machinery.

singing woman

19. Famous rockstars funded Monthy Python and the Holy Grail

One of the funniest British comedy groups to ever exists is without a doubt Monty Python. They made numerous hilarious sketches and multiple comedy movies that will make you fall out of your chair with laughter.

They weren’t rich but well respected when they initially started. So much that various famous British rock bands and artists pitched in some money so they could produce their movie “The Holy Grail.”

These included Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Jethro Tull, and many more.

Each of them deposited £10,000 which resulted in a budget of £390,000 to make the movie. None of them, according to Monty Python member Eric Idle, wanted anything in return so they basically donated the cash!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail got sponsored by famous British artists.

18. Basketball was first played using peach baskets

Of what would you have thought about a game called basketball?

The inventor of the game, James Naismith didn’t have any rims with nets attached to them as we see on basketball courts all around the world today. He had to be a bit creative in order to find a way the players could score a point (it wasn’t called basketball yet back then).

The first version of the basket was an actual peach basket with a hole in it at the bottom, so whenever a point was scored, one player could use a big stick to poke the ball out of it.

Luckily, not many points were scored initially as the first-ever basketball game played ended 1-0.

first basketball court
The first basketball court with the peach basket that was used to score points / Wiki Commons

17. NASA has a Jupiter mission referencing mythology

In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the god of the gods. NASA gave the nameJuno” to their Jupiter mission because, in myth, that’s Jupiter’s wife.

Jupiter isn’t the best husband though, and his infidelity led to some of his moons being named after his most famous mistresses, Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

NASA’s “Juno” mission will now be on the lookout for Jupiter’s naughty moons.

Jupiter with one of his “mistresses” (moons) Callisto / Pixabay

16. Bees can see maps on flowers to locate nectar

Bees have the ability to see ultraviolet, something human beings can’t. Many flowers have ultraviolet, vein-like patterns on their petals which bees can use as some sort of map to direct them to that delicious nectar.

The downside for bees of being able to see ultraviolet is that they can’t see the color red. In their eyes, red looks just black.

Bees can see ultraviolet

15. This man didn’t like onlookers during an awkward moment

Walter Fischer, a native of Brampton near Toronto, Canada, has been seeking about $100,000 for people violating his privacy during an awkward moment.

While he was having a rectal exam, two “doctors” were in the room with him who followed the proceedings closely. It turned out that they weren’t actual medical practitioners though.

The two were actors who were there to “conduct background research” for a show they were starring in called “Saving Hope.”

Fischer claimed he was lied to when the purpose of the two was mentioned to him stating he was informed that they were there for “medical reasons.”

We believe he has a point.

funny doctor

14. If you like waterslides, you’ll love this

In 2019, the world’s largest waterslide opened on a hillside in Lishui in China. This isn’t just any slide as it’s 2723.08 meters (8,933 ft 11 in) long!

The maximum speed reaches 30 km/h and the endpoint is located 226 meters lower than where you take off.

This enormous waterslide took 2 years to build and has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the longest waterslide in the world.

The longest waterslide in the world in Lishui, China
The longest waterslide in the world in Lishui, China / Guinness World Records

13. This is something dogs don’t understand

Skunks don’t want to spray anybody, but sometimes, they are left with no choice. When they lift their tails, it’s meant to be a warning.

Dogs don’t quite understand this and see this as an invitation to sniff and approach the skunk. Unfortunately for the dog, this is the exact opposite message that the skunk is sending.

We’re pretty sure he won’t make this mistake twice though!

Dogs get often sprayed by skunk
Dogs get often sprayed by skunk / Pixabay

12. Wealthy Romans had “makeup slaves”

Social status was of extreme importance in ancient Rome, and therefore, ancient Romans went to great lengths to emphasize theirs.

Wealthy Romans had slaves who were solely responsible for the appearance of their masters. They were specially trained for this purpose as well and were referred to as “cosmatae.” Now you also know where the word “cosmetics” comes from.

The epitome of this phenomenon was the wife of emperor Nero, “Poppaea Sabina,” who had no less than 100 cosmatae who had to maintain her looks at all times.

Did much change if we look at the behavior of some of the celebrities today?

wealthy romans status
Social status was very important for wealthy Romans / Wiki Commons

11. Abraham Lincoln used to be a wrestler

And not just any wrestler, a pretty good one as well!

Out of the 300 wrestling matches in his career, he only lost one. This even earned him win an “Outstanding American” award in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

After one of his victories he was once heard saying to the onlooking crowd:

I’m the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns.

Abraham Lincoln’s words after one of his wrestling exploits.

Abe surely didn’t lack any confidence, that’s for sure!

Abraham lincoln
Abraham was a great wrestler in his younger days / Wiki Commons

10. North America is full of crooked trees

Native Americans didn’t have an interconnected network of roads, which basically means they didn’t have any road signs.

What they did instead was to bend young trees located on important spots. This helped them identify trails or important locations, which means they can be labeled as the Native American equivalent of a road sign.

These remarkable “trail trees” are being discovered all over the Americas and can easily be distinguished by their peculiar shape.

There’s also a Crooked Forest in Poland with similar trees and nobody knows exactly how they got their remarkable shape there!

trail tree
Trail tree in Tar Hollow Forest, Ohio / Knowandtell / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0

9. Alpacas see turkeys as part of their family

And they will do whatever it takes to protect them!

These grumpy animals are used in south-east England to protect turkeys on farms that are prone to fox attacks. This sometimes results in hundreds of turkeys being massacred.

In the wild, alpacas and foxes don’t get along too well so they are perfectly suited to guard the turkeys, who they see as their own family.

Alpacas are native to South-America and have been domesticated for centuries and turn out to be just as effective as dogs as guards.

Alpacas are used in south-east England to protect turkey farms
Alpacas are used in south-east England to protect turkey farms / Pixabay

8. Google likes to keep it safe for when you’re feeling lucky

Google employees living on their campus can get their hands on the company’s very own condoms.

The fun facts about these condoms are that they come in the company colors blue, green, red, and yellow, but also that they have the name “I’m feeling lucky,” the same name as to the button on the search engine’s homepage.

Let’s hope that their job at Google is not on the employee’s mind when they are indeed “getting lucky!”

fun facts
Google brought out condoms in the company colors for employees living on their campus.

7. Jackie Chan is an amazing singer

When you hear the name “Jackie Chan,” the first thing you think about is the funny martial arts actor playing a role in an action-packed movie full of fun, right?

But that’s not his only talent as he turns out one amazing singer as well!

He started singing and producing his own records in the early 1980s and has also sung multiple theme songs of the movies he plays in.

So far he has produced 20 albums, released over 100 songs, doing so in 5 different languages. Amazing stuff!

Jackie Chan turns out to be an amazing singer as well
Jackie Chan turns out to be an amazing singer as well / Source

6. Babies all around the world say this word

And what do you think that word would be?

Yes, that’s right, “Mama” of course!

The reason is that babies are instantly able to make vowel sounds during crying (if you have a baby you definitely know this is true) and studies claim that they associate the “mmm” with the tasty breast of the mother. And of course, it’s the easiest sound to make.

So yes, babies all around the world actually say “mama,” making it a truly universal word!

All babies say mama

5. This horse had the worst track record ever

Despite being the offspring of some of the most famous racehorses in history, and being responsible for a pedigree of numerous famous racehorses himself, Zippy Chippy wasn’t born to race.

He lost all of the 100 races he competed in before eventually being banned from just about every race track out there except at Northampton Fair.

His trainer, Felix Monserrate, initially traded his 1988 Ford Truck in 1995 to acquire Zippy, a move he most probably regretted pretty soon.

Felix remained calm though and had a perfectly reasonable explanation:

“Not everybody can be a winner. He wanna run. He’s always ready to go. But he don’t always go too good”

Felix Monserrate about Zippy Chippy

Zippy eventually enjoyed his retirement while getting a lot of love from his “family,” and didn’t care too much about going down in history as “Racing’s Biggest Loser.”

fun facts

4. Did you know that a walrus can whistle?

We certainly didn’t, until we saw this video:

This isn’t just limited to walruses but all types of pinnipeds, including seals and sea lions as well.

3. Do you like “Fettuccini Alfredo?”

The original dish which contains fettuccini, butter, cheese, and herbs has been mentioned since the 15th century. Fettuccini Alfredo, however, was invented by Roman cook Alfredo di Lelio in the early 20th century.

Why did he invent it?

To entice his wife Ines to eat after giving birth to their first child. He added additional butter (she obviously liked that) and initially called the dish “Fettuccini al Triple Burro,” which simply means he added 3 times the amount of butter as usual.

He opened his own restaurant in 1914 called “Alfredo Alla Scrofa,” which is remarkably still open today!

Fettuccini alfredo
Fettuccini Alfredo / Meliciousm / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/deed.en

2. These men thought an owl was howling back at them

Neil Simmons and Fred Cornes are two neighbors in a small English village in Devon who you can refer to as “amateur ornithologists.” Both of them were trying to entice owls to reply to them by mimicking their calls.

One day, the owls remarkably replied to both men. Excited as they were, they reported every single call they received back in a detailed journal.

This lasted for one year until they suddenly realized that they were simply hooting to each other.

Two English men thought that owls replied to their calls but the simply hooted at each other / Pixabay

1. Is this the best April fool’s joke ever?

Some people go to great extents to fool others, and the best day to do this is on April 1 of any given year.

One of those pranksters was Oliver “Porky” Bickar, a native of Sitka, Alaska, a small village in the southeast of the state, not too far from the dormant volcano Mount Edgecumbe.

On April 1, 1974, he ignited hundreds of old tires he had flown in and dropped into the crater of the volcano, effectively convincing the residents of the town that the volcano was erupting.

The hoax was uncovered when the words “April Fool,” spray-painted in 50-foot (15 meters) letters, were uncovered the rim of the crater.

Oliver Bickar had prepared for this hoax for 4 years and it has been listed by the Guardian as one of the top 10 April fool jokes of all time.

The “eruption” of Mount Edgecumbe in 1974 / Wiki Commons

This concludes the ultimate list of fun facts. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can easily discover some more whenever you are bored!

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