Who is behind Listerious?

My name is Jay Salinas and I’m the creator of Listerious, a site that aims to become the ultimate lists and facts site on the internet. Every project has humble beginnings but my aim is to create a website with thousands of lists and millions of facts in the long run.

Yes, this is a lifelong project and I literally mark each published article in my notebook. This gives me the satisfaction of being able to help another person online who is looking for information about a particular topic. 🙂

If you look a the site’s homepage, you can see the counter with lists and facts running, which is literally the digital version of this notebook. The higher the numbers, the more people I can help with the info presented, pretty cool!

Listerious Methodology

Who writes the content on Listerious?

At the moment, I publish all the content on the site after it’s written by a team of experienced freelancers who have years of experience in the field. All the facts on the site are well-researched and trusted sources are stated, similar to how they are stated on Wikipedia.

The quality of the content and the validity of the facts are checked before it’s being published into the facts encyclopedia. This way, the readers who stumble upon Listerious can be assured that the info presented is valid and truthful.

The freelancers who write the content are vetted thoroughly and I have managed to build a team of about a dozen freelancers who create about 1 piece of content every week in the category they are experts in.

Knowledge is Power

So how do I choose the topics to write about?

While this may seem like an impossible task, I really want Listerious to eventually become as big as Wikipedia, a site that covers an endless amount of topics in numerous categories. It might take decades but I’m a patient person who finds extreme fulfilment building this website, and I believe these are the key ingredients to make it happen.

I aim to make the content easy to digest and written in a fun and engaging way so it’s both educational and entertaining. This is in contrast with the academic language used on a site like Wikipedia.

Spending half an hour on Listerious instead of scrolling down the timeline on Facebook should eventually become the daily mantra for millions of people all around the world, empowering them with the gift of knowledge!

Growth of Listerious

So how do I plan to turn Listerious into the ultimate lists and facts site?

Millions of facts in dozens of categories, that’s the ultimate goal. In order to achieve this, I try to gradually grow the team of freelancers and eventually move towards an in-house writing team.

I have every phase of the project carefully planned so I’m pretty sure I can start hiring expert writers in an office before 2025, something that will further grow the site as we can collaborate personally, something that is not so easy in an online environment.

The world is an amazing place so it’s impossible to run out of interesting topics to write about, that’s for sure! 🙂

More info about Listerious?

I think I have covered the basics of the project right here, but if there’s anything else you want more info on, you can always leave a message on the contact page.

I hope you enjoy the site and happy learning!