About Listerious

What is Listerious?

Listerious is the passion of a couple who aim to create a resource for travelers and explorers who are interested in finding the story behind the most famous buildings, structures, and landmarks that they visit. It’s also a catalog for the curious-minded who are interested in the architectural, natural, and artistic wonders of the world.

We have a passion for traveling ourselves which means we come across countless magnificent buildings and amazing landmarks. We always wonder what the story behind these buildings and landmarks is, so we created a site to make it easy for you to find out!

Our goal is to find fun and interesting facts about buildings, landmarks, and structures all across the world, and present them in an entertaining way. We study the history of landmarks, natural wonders, works of art, and more, and paint a complete picture about their most significant features, and what makes them special.

Paris Louvre self
During our trip to Paris.

The ultimate goal of Listerious

We cover famous man-made structures in cities all around the world, natural wonders, and famous works of art. We are always on the lookout to discover new landmarks and we hire freelancers and researchers to find the most fun and interesting facts about them.

Our ultimate goal is to create fun and entertaining content for travelers and curious people who are either planning to visit famous landmarks, who already visited them, or who want to learn all about them, all with the intent to present the complete story.

We hope to eventually present info about hundreds of thousands of things to explore in countries all across the globe because exploring is simply more fun if you know the facts!

Important info about Listerious

  • We don’t accept guest posts or sponsored posts in any form.
  • We don’t accept compensation for editorial coverage in our content.
  • Our images are either taken by our team members or licensed under the creative commons license as stated below every image.

If you want to make a suggestion about a famous landmark you want us to cover or have a specific question, you can message us through our contact page or email our editorial team at [email protected]

Thanks and we hope you enjoy your visit at Listerious!

The Listerious Team